Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

A summer packed with learning and fun that will prepare your child for the upcoming school year and

help start them on their academic road to success!

Summer VPK

VPK stands for Voluntary Pre Kindergarten Education Program. If you live in Florida, and your child turns

four years of age by September 1, your child is eligible to participate in Florida’s FREE Volutary Pre

Kindergarten (VPK) education program

There are two options for parents to choose.

Option 1 is our school year program.

Option 2 is the summer program.

Any child that lives in Florida and turned four years of age by September 1st of the current school year,

is eligible for the summer VPK as long as they did not previously participate in the school year VPK


We are very excited to offer our curriculum adapted for the VPK program for the second straight year.

Our VPK Reading Program

The reading method is sequential and structured. It begins with letter and sound recognition known as

phonemic awareness. We teach each sound clearly and distinctly. Once the correct sounds have been

mastered, we then move to blending those correct sounds together to form syllables. Special attention

is given to see how each individual child blends sounds as we begin to recognize their unique learning


Our VPK Math Program

Manipulative Math

Our math curriculum is manipulative based. All mathematical concepts are taught from the beginning

allowing the student to experience the concrete concept before moving to the abstract concepts of

math. Mastery of numbers 1-10 leads to introduction of the decimal system in a hands on fun bank

game. Students moving at their own speed can grasp many mathematical concepts including addition,

subtraction and multiplication.

Our VPK Computer Program

Our computer technology program allows for fun discovery as students become familiar with the

keyboard and mouse. All computer work reinforces skills taught in both reading and math. We use the

renowned Lexia learning system computer software for reading and visual spatial concepts.

Our VPK Art Program

Art is an integral part of learning and therefore no learning program would be complete without it. Our

students will have an opportunity to experience painting, drawing and even try their hand at clay


Our VPK Science Program

Butterflies, butterflies and more butterflies!

We will discover where they live and what they eat as we let our imaginations go wild. Don’t be

surprised if we become social butterflies with so many interactions!

We are a small and very specialized school and clinic that works with children with learning differences

in the area of written and oral language.

All of our therapists and teachers have training in multisensory language instruction.

Our Curriculum is research based and is very effective for remediation as well as advance placement.

We use a hands on approach to learning that allows the child to experience success before failure.

This type of instruction utilizes each child’s individual learning modality insuring academic success.

We are very excited to offer our curriculum adapted for the VPK program for the second straight year.


Florida Resident

Five years old by September 1st of the current school year.

Entering Kindergarten

No previous VPK

No income restrictions

Program cost: $0.00


Limited slots available!

Contact us today.

Phone: 352-867- 0027

Email: meme@thereadingclinicschool.com