The Reading Clinic School Program

Our Day Sessions:


In order to help students with learning disabilities/learning differences (LD) develop the self-discipline necessary for future independent study, our program is highly structured, yet the school’s overall atmosphere is familiar, understanding, and supportive.

The Reading Clinic’s remedial language program provides language therapy designed to address all levels of achievement. Our teachers are trained in structured language teaching, a multi-sensory approach based on the Orton-Gillingham method, a remedial approach recommended by leading researchers.

The Path Beyond Just Reading……..


First, a student demonstrates the ability to read and comprehend written material and to conceptually image their understanding. Then, step by step, students move into list writing, constructing sentences in a variety of forms, vocabulary, note taking, and paragraph writing.

Math curriculum:


Just as children need to come to understanding before they can develop true comprehension, they also need to see what numbers mean before they can reach true mastery of the subject. This process is accomplished by our students with hands on manipulation of mathematical equipment.

Our students learn the concept of math by manipulating materials that give a concrete view of the problem they are attempting to solve. Once the understanding of the math concept is achieved they then move on to visualization of mathematical processing and then and only then do they move on to abstraction of the concept. Mastery is the process of moving a student from the concrete to the abstract through repetition.