The Reading Clinic School

Clinic Program

Reading curriculum:


Research indicates that good readers use several well-developed skills as they draw meaning from the page. Besides figuring out words from contextual clues, they have to break the code of written language– decode by correct phonetic processing. At the same time, they must quickly recognize common words and common patterns in words.


Phonemic Awareness:


The sounding out words from letters, first requires the ability to pull apart and order the individual sounds that we blend together in syllables. These individual sounds, the smallest units of language, are called phonemes.


The Reading Clinic uses a multi sensory approach to reading. This method allows reading to be taught through the senses. During a therapy session, auditory, visual and kinesetic avenues are used to develop the language.


After students begin to understand how to deal with the sounds and letters in words at a one-syllable level, it becomes far easier for them to deal with more complex words. We help students develop a plan for word attack by breaking these words up into their component parts.

Just as important as the ability to sound out words is the rapid recognition of frequently seen words and patterns in words. Recalling these “sight words” requires a strong visual memory.